About Us

Health Window is a patient adherence company. We focus on overcoming the patient’s obstacles to commence and continue therapy.

We offer clients hard-to-replicate levels of patient enrolment and adherence gains. Sales growth follows, and patients have better health outcomes.

Pharmacy Services


By managing the adherence of a large number of patients in the chronic patient pool,
you not only increase your chronic medication sales, but acute and front-shop sales
where margins are often higher.


By investing in the right tools to connect with your customers, you are able to increase customer retention and brand loyalty which will ultimately result in higher sales.


Technology has become an increasingly vital element in pharmacy operations management.

Pharmaceutical Companies


Overcome patient obstacles and retain chronic patients on your product by implementing a Patient Retention Strategy.


Patient Support Programmes facilitates access and adherence to treatment.


Patient-level data, supported by comprehensive data analytics, is utilized to identify, and understand the factors that influence the full patient treatment journey.



Closing the loop between doctor and pharmacy through direct integrations into doctors’ calendars. By making the booking during an interaction with a patient at script expiry, we create a link in the chain between pharmacy and doctor, preventing the patient from becoming “lost” to both.


When deciding which product to prescribe to a patient, consideration must be given to the probability of patient adherence on a certain product over another. Through the utilization of leading practice management systems, Health Window is able to provide data on the average adherence rate per product.

Life Insurance


Comprehensive data analytics provides you with in-depth knowledge about your members at underwriting level and beyond.


Health Score utilizes pharmacy data to supplement traditional risk analysis and incorporates smart machine learning models to predict future risks.


Subsequent to risk identification, risk management is implemented. Greater patient adherence to chronic medication is associated with a lower risk of
morbidity and mortality.