Get chronic patients back to your practice to improve clinical outcomes.


Health Window acts as a care coordination partner to both doctor and pharmacy by getting patients to the right healthcare provider at the right time. When patients on chronic medication are due for their next dispense, Health Window gets them back to pharmacy; when their chronic script is expired, Health Window gets them back to their doctor’s practice not only for a repeat prescription, but also for evaluation of their condition. This brings more repeat visits into the practice, creating additional revenue and allowing for the achievement of better health outcomes. Chronic patients who are managed by Health Window typically have more than twice as many doctor visits per year than those who are unmanaged.

By facilitating the movement of patients through the system, everybody wins – doctor, pharmacy and, most importantly, patient.

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Doctor Bookings

Analysis of data covering the whole private market shows that roughly 44% of patients with a chronic prescription do not return to the same practice for a script renewal. A small number do visit another practice, but the majority are simply lost to the system due to non-adherence Health Window is able to make bookings directly into a doctor’s calendar, where that doctor is associated with the GoodX practice management system, or the Recomed booking platform. By making the booking during an interaction with a patient at script expiry, we create a link in the chain between pharmacy and doctor, preventing the patient from becoming “lost” to both.

Adherence Insights & Analytics

Prescribing the most thoroughly tested and clinically effective drug means nothing if a patient does not end up taking it. Real-world outcomes depend to a large extent on the level of adherence of chronic medication – something that doctors have not had insight into, until now. By seeing the average adherence rates per product, prescribers can choose products which fund the adherence management and care coordination services that will keep their patients adherent to therapy and get them back to the practice on time. 

Health Window knows that prescribers have limited time and cannot afford to look for adherence information in addition to their current workload. By displaying real world adherence data on the e-scripting platforms within leading practice management systems (such as GoodX and Practice Perfect), this decision can form part of the existing workflow. More patients managed on adherence services means more patients filling their dispenses, coming back to the practice on time, and achieving better health outcomes.

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