Pharmacy Services

Future-proof your pharmacy by retaining your chronic patients with relevant engagement tools.

Adherence Services

CHRONIC PATIENTS should also be viewed as REPEAT CUSTOMERS. At Health Window, our intelligent services allow us to predict and trigger future store visits.

By managing the adherence of a large number of patients in the chronic patient pool, you not only increase your chronic medication sales, but acute and front-shop sales where margins are often higher. When looking at gains-per-patient it is impossible to ignore the benefits of having well-managed patients.

The gains-per-patient makes it impossible to ignore the sizable opportunity of having as many patients as possible well-managed. Managing adherence on large quantities of a pharmacy’s chronic patient pool not only stimulates chronic medication sales, but also acute and front shop sales where margins are often higher.

Patient Ready Parcels (PRP)

The Patient Ready Parcel (PRP) service is a value-added service that provides a convenience-based solution aimed at improving patient adherence. Our call centre contacts the patient once a month (two days prior to the medication fill) and obtains confirmation that the pharmacy may pre-pack the patient’s medication prior to collection.

Data shows that the implementation of the PRP service can increase store visits with 43%.

Pack My Meds (PMM)

The Pack My Meds (PMM) service is convenient and easy to use. 

The patient receives a monthly SMS with a link to the electronic self-ordering and pre-packing platform, where the patient can view his/her chronic medication that is due for repeat. The order is then placed by the patient and the pharmacy pre-packs the medication prior to the chosen collection or delivery date.

MONESC (Adherence Monitoring & Escalation Service)

Patients do not always understand the health benefits associated with diligently following a prescribed regimen over a prolonged period.

By monitoring adherence and implementing a case escalation, through relevant and on-time health content (aimed at targeting a patient at the time when he/she becomes non-adherent), we can successfully bring patients back to fill scripts.

Our data shows that patients that became non-adherent and who received intervention, returned 60% more often than those patients who did not receive intervention.

Script Renewal Report Services

The Script Renewal Report Service (SRRS) provides individualised reports of the top ten prescribing doctors per pharmacy and contains a list of patients that require new prescriptions.

The reports are generated weekly and enables the pharmacy to communicate with the prescribing doctors to facilitate the process of obtaining a new script. This ensures that the pharmacy’s chronic patients remain repeat customers.

Patient Connect

The Patient Connect platform gives pharmacies that prefer to communicate with their own patients, an opportunity to schedule and manage their own chronic patients.

The user-friendly patient retention software integrates with pharmacy dispense data to deliver adherence management services that allows for electronic communication between the pharmacy and the patient. The Patient Connect platform displays the due chronic patients, recorded customer interactions, and the type of service requested from patients.

Commercial Offerings

Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager is a marketing customer retention tool to drive additional profitability in your pharmacy Campaign Manager empowers businesses to effortlessly create, integrate, share, monitor and manage digital marketing campaigns cost-effectively and on one platform. Being at the front line of modern technology and innovation, Health Window developed a platform where customer journey data can stimulate relevant content seamlessly and proactively to achieve remarkable, quantifiable results.

Campaign Manager helps you to make the right marketing decisions at the right time by focusing on the power of personalization, relevant engagement, and segmented market research.

Customer Journeys

Customer engagement has previously been limited by the segmentation of data, resulting in the segmentation of customers. Segments of the business function as stand-alone units, and data derived from this scenario provides an over-simplified view of customer behaviour. It also fragments customer experiences into business segments that might be illogical to the customer. Thirdly it creates customer engagement that could be enhanced if carried out with deeper insights at our fingertips.

Together with this customer-centric view, logic similar to computer programming is applied to a customer’s pathway within pharmacy: if a particular outcome occurs, do this; if the outcome does not occur, engage with a different response. This means that, should a method of engagement not be successful, the attempt to reach the customer does not have to stop. Furthermore, depending on exactly how the customer engages, the next steps could differ. Journeys can be individualised and made as relevant to each customer as possible. What a customer experiences occurs by design rather than by chance.

eCommerce Solutions

You can prevent losing existing retail customers to emerging online competitions by setting up an eCommerce store.

Our eCommerce platform can also be integrated with our PMM solution which creates an “upsell” opportunity for existing loyal digital clients
using the Mobi-site for their monthly chronic orders.

The eCommerce platform allows you to grow a sustainable business and increase customer loyalty.

Loyalty Programme

Customer retention and increased sales should be a priority of all pharmacies.

By implementing a Loyalty Programme, you are able to generate a customer database that can be used to run personalised recommendations and promotions, which will lead to increased sales, customer retention, and brand loyalty.

Implementing a loyalty program will not only improve your customer retention but generates a database of your customers which will allow you to run personalized recommendations and promotions.

Operational Support

Productivity Model

You can save up to 5% on employee costs by scheduling staff according to predicted resource needs. The Productivity Model helps you to plan and schedule dispensary staff according to hourly productivity, and pre-excessive overtime (including locum costs), and enables pharmacy management
to optimise dispensary efficiency and productivity.

Retail Manager

The Retail Manager allows you to track and improve retail performance.

It provides you with a comprehensive view of current and potential problem areas within the chain (e.g., signage, staff, aisles, stock-on-shelf, clear pricing, etc.), and how they are being resolved.